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Agricultural covering fibre in rolls

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Agrofiber covering is an ideal solution for protecting your plants. Varieties of density and size

Agrofiber covering is a non-woven material that is used to protect plants from the negative effects of the environment. This is a real helper for all farmers, performing many functions important for plant growth. Agrofiber  Agreen ™ has a uniform density along the entire length and provides maximum plant protection. Agrofiber helps to create a favorable microclimate for plant growth, keeping moisture in the soil and regulating the temperature. Choose the size and density you need and get ready to harvest big crops.

Agrofiber Agreen ™ comes in two main types:

  • Agrofiber covering white - used as protection of crops from frost, acceleration of their growth, and protection from excessive solar radiation. It lets in sunlight, water, air and reliably protects plants from the cold.

  • Black agrofiber - used for mulching the soil. It suppresses the growth of weeds and preserves moisture in the soil. Black agricultural fiber does not transmit sunlight, but it does transmit water and air.

Both types have different densities, which are measured in grams per square meter. White agrofibre usually has a density of 17 to 50 g/m², and black - from 50 to 100 g/m². Buy black or white agricultural fiber - it all depends on your needs.

White agricultural fiber Agreen

White covering agrofiber is used in agriculture and horticulture to protect plantations from bad weather and temperature changes. It is worth buying agricultural fiber from the manufacturer if you want to get high-quality material for your garden or field.

Application of white covering fiber:

  • Protection of crops from frost up to -7°C depending on the density of the fabric. The denser it is, the more sub-zero temperatures it can withstand.

  • Protection of plants from the aggressive influence of excessive sunlight. Agreen agricultural fiber contains 4% ultraviolet stabilizer. Therefore, it perfectly retains harmful ultraviolet light, which can harm plants.

  • Protects plants from hail and strong wind.

  • Effectively protects crops from birds and pests.

  • Retains moisture in the soil, thanks to which the growth of plants is accelerated.

  • Agrofiber for strawberries placed on the beds significantly speeds up their ripening.

Advantages of agrofiber:

  • Easy and convenient to use. Just spread it out and secure it on the beds.

  • Let water and air, provide optimal conditions for plant growth.

  • It is reusable, so you can spread it out for many seasons.

  • Available in different densities, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs.

Choice of density and size

  • Density is measured in g/m². The denser it is, the greater protection it provides for plants. The most used densities: 17, 19, 23, 30, 42, 50 g/m². To protect against frost, it is recommended to use agricultural fiber with a density of 17 g/m² or more, depending on the predicted night temperatures.

  • Agricultural fiber is sold in rolls of different widths and lengths. Choose the size that corresponds to the size of your beds. Available width of rolls from 1.07 m to 15.8 m, length of rolls from 25 m to 500 m. Agrofiber in bags has the following sizes: width from 1.6 m to 4.2 m, and length from 3 m to 10 m.

Agrofiber is an effective and affordable way to protect plants from the negative effects of the environment.

How to use agricultural fiber

Agrofiber should be constantly on the beds from the planting of plants until the harvest itself. If you need to weed them, just remove the agrofiber, and after the work is finished, put it back in place. After harvesting, roll it up and store it in a dark, dry place until next year. You can buy agricultural fiber once and use it for 5-6 years with proper storage.

The use of white covering agrofiber greatly simplifies the care of plants and contributes to obtaining a high-quality harvest.

A few use tips:

  • Before laying, clean the soil of weeds and stones.

  • Lay out the agrofibre.

  • Pin it.

By buying Agreen ТМ  agrofiber, you ensure easy plant care and a guaranteed better harvest. Order with delivery across Ukraine to appreciate all its advantages.

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