Innovative methods of agrofibre production

20 years of market innovation. 2003 – 2023

Innovative methods of agrofibre production

Agreen agrofibre is produced in Kyiv using Italian technology and with the assistance of Italian specialists. In 2003, based on European technology and constantly improving it, we achieved phenomenal properties and quality of agrofibre, which now surpasses the original Italian. Our patents and developed formulas allow us to always be one step ahead of not only Ukrainian, but even European competitors. As a result, with Agreen agrofibre you will get an early and large harvest every year.

Adaptation for the markets of Ukraine and other countries

The uniqueness of Agreen agrofibre lies in the adaptation of the properties of the material to the climatic conditions of our region. Agreen agrofibre includes 4% ultraviolet stabilizer. In addition, Agreen has an increased operating temperature range and higher wear-resistant characteristics. All this, not only directly affects the increase in yield, but also allows you to use Agreen agrofibre longer, reducing the cost of the crop.

Agreen. The strongest agrofibre

Our chemists and technologists have developed a unique technology for joining cloths, in which Agreen agrofibre with a width from a minimum of 1.6 m to a maximum of 15.8 m has equally high tensile strength. This technology, named Strong 2 Edge, is patented and know-how. We can safely say that our agrofibre with a width of more than 4 m in terms of tensile strength exceeds the products of all other manufacturers, including Polish, and Italian ones. The reinforced edge of Agreen agrofibre is made using the Strong 2 Edge technology and has no equal on the market in terms of strength.

Guaranteed material density

When buying Agreen agrofibre, you are always sure of the uniform density of the material along the entire length and width of the roll. This most valuable indicator guarantees the achievement of a stable temperature regime and humidity over the entire area of the ridge you have covered. The uniformity of the density of agrofibre is of fundamental importance for the protection of plants during night frosts. Moreover, the density of Agreen agrofibre always corresponds to that specified on the package.

Agreen: agrofibre No. 1 in Ukraine

Constant innovations and flexibility of production, combined with the realization of the wishes of our customers, have done their job: professionals choose Agreen agrofibre and recommend it to their friends and partners.

10 excellent qualities of Agreen agrofibre

1. Italian production technology, improved by Ukrainian technologists and adapted to the climatic conditions of our country.

2. Increased tensile strength, significantly superior to competitors.

3. Guarantee of stable and uniform material density.

4. Protection of the material from ultraviolet rays. 4%: best in class.

5. A continuous thread of fiber over the entire area of the material.

6. A unique method of connecting agrofibre cloths. TM Agreen's patented know-how.

7. Increased elasticity of the fiber thread, which contributes to greater air exchange.

8. Increased resource, designed for 4 seasons of agrofibre use.

9. Official production in Ukraine. Thanks to this, it is possible to produce agricultural fiber taking into account your unique requirements for the length and width of agrofibre webs.

10. Italian production control system that guarantees quality stability.

Innovative methods in the production of mulching agrofibre

Two-color agrofibre (black and white) is a new and most optimal type of agrofibre for mulching, which simultaneously combines the best qualities of black and white agrofibre and black and white film.

Since 2013, our company was the first to start production of black and white double-layer Agreen agrofibre. The effectiveness of the use of mulching agrofibre has increased many times, thanks to the developments of our engineers.

7 excellent qualities of Agreen mulching agrofibre

1. Introduction of crop production using ecologically clean methods.

2. Water easily penetrates into the soil, mold does not grow under the agrofibre and bacteria do not develop.

3. Moisture remains in the soil for a long time, due to which, the amount of watering can be reduced by 2-3 times.

4. The sun's rays do not penetrate through the agrofibre and weeds stop growing.

5. Protects plant roots in frosty and cold weather.

6. The fruits of plants always remain clean, since there is no contact with the soil.

7. The soil warms up at least 2 weeks faster.

The unique two-layer agrofibre appeared due to the needs and requests of farmers in the southern regions, who did not know before what to do with the overheating of the root system of vegetable crops in the hot season.

The density of the new agrofibre is 50 g/m2. It is used only for mulching vegetable and berry crops.

Two-layer agrofibre effectively acts against overheating of the root system and damage to the lower leaves of plants. It is recommended to use in the hot season.


Agreen mulching black and white agrofibre is placed on the soil with the black side down. Thanks to the light layer, the sun is reflected from the surface and plants can receive more light, thereby increasing the intensity of photosynthesis. Likewise, the roots remain protected from high temperatures and overheating. Due to this, vegetables (cucumbers, eggplants, peppers) and fruits (strawberries, strawberries, raspberries) ripen faster. In addition to the fact that you will be able to harvest earlier than the planned time, the fruits, especially strawberries and strawberries, will have the same color from all sides.

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