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Decorative shading net

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Shading net packaged

 Choose shading nets from the sun and overheating of your crop

The shading net is a special material that protects young plants from direct sunlight. The principle of operation of the product allows you to reflect most of the light and pass the rest with uniform scattering. The main functional characteristic of such a product is the degree of shading. This parameter directly affects the sunlight the shading nets let through. According to the plant's needs, you can choose mesh options with different permeability properties. Usually, the amount of sunlight that can pass through the grid is determined as a percentage. The most popular are 45%, 60%, 80%, and 90% shading nets. They are used in specific situations and have their advantages.

Peculiarities of using ™  Agreen shading nets

Shading nets appeared on the market relatively recently. These are quite practical products that are used in many areas of human life. But the main purpose of such material is to protect plants from the sun. Shading nets for plants are used to control the intensity of sunlight reaching the plants. It is an important tool in agriculture and horticulture, as too much sunlight can damage plants and too little can stunt growth.

The main reasons for using such products are temperature control, reduction of moisture evaporation, and comprehensive improvement of crop quality. Grids help to avoid overheating and protect plants from excessive ultraviolet. Shading nets can be used both over fields or individual beds in the open ground and in greenhouses, where they can be installed as an additional layer inside or outside the greenhouse to control the intensity of sunlight and maintain a stable temperature. In addition, high-quality shading nets allow you to build entire frames and structures that allow you to shade larger areas of land and create a comfortable microclimate. Ordering a shading net is a simple and universal solution for creating comfortable conditions for plants.

Advantages of using ™  Agreen shading nets

Shading nets are very popular among farmers, greenhouses, and gardeners. These are practical, high-quality and reliable materials that have numerous advantages. They guarantee professional protection against ultraviolet radiation, improve the microclimate, and can be used in many situations.

Among the other advantages of using shading nets, it is worth highlighting:

- the ability to adjust and maintain the optimal temperature under the net for the plant;

- protection from direct sunlight;

- possibility to reduce the frequency of watering;

- additional protection against strong wind;

- additional protection from pests;

- reduction of water consumption due to less evaporation;

- the possibility of quick and high-quality installation of material;

- durability of the material.

The cost of shading nets can vary depending on the density of the material, color, and size. Any information can be clarified on the ™ Agreen website or from our managers.

Why ™ Agreen?

Agreen is a leader in the sale of agricultural goods, and not only that. For many years on the market, the company won the love of customers throughout the country. Buying an ™ Agreen shading net means choosing European-level quality, reliability, and service.

A large selection of mesh is available on the official website of the ™ Agreen brand, which includes options with different degrees of shading, colors, and sizes. The products are of high quality and perform their functions. All nets with delivery across Ukraine get into the hands of customers in the shortest possible time with the help of proven logistics processes.

Contact ™ Agreen for a free consultation and order only high-quality agricultural products.

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